Windsport Windsocks and Decorative Flags by Ganz

 Windsport different.  
For decorating and just for fun

Windsport is no longer being made.
Our remaining stock is very limited.  Stock up now on these delightful flags and windsocks before they are gone forever.

Ganz 3-d Wind socks
3-D Windsocks

3-D Windsocks are uniquely designed and expertly crafted fabric sculptures that come to life in the wind. Each comes with a weather-proof swivel that makes it easy to hang anywhere around the house, garden, deck, porch, tree or boat dock

Enjoy our  Windsport's collection of innovative products for the home and garden. Windsport's commitment to superior craftsmanship and durable construction has delighted customers such as yourself from around the world for the past 20 years.
You will find that all Ganz Windsport Wind Socks and Garden flags are made of 210 denier nylon fabric and all-weather materials, each item is designed to stand up to the elements. Their tight applique stitching, double-folded hems and overlocking seams have set the industry standard for quality and durability and long life.

Garden Bobbers
Smaller than windsocks but packed with personality, Garden Bobbers are perfect for flowerbeds, balconies or apartments.
Garden and decorative Winsport Flags
Dimensional Flags
For a big splash of color, these sculptured flags are designed to fly from our five-foot flagpole.
Windsport Flags
Garden Flags
Designed for smaller spaces, get the same dimensionality, vibrant colors and attention to detail.
Adornaments by Ganz Windsport
To brighten any entryway; can also be used indoors to dress up a door, banister or window.